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CTSG is a part of a network of other  tinnitus support groups around the country affiliated to the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), and also enjoys a good supporting relationship with the Audiology Department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

For those with Tinnitus, particularly if  it is recently acquired, being able to talk to those with the condition is beneficial, and our meetings  offer ample opportunity for this to happen. BTA – trained Tinnitus Advisors are also accessible. 

Meetings are held on a Saturday morning at 10.30, five times a year, see Meetings page for details.


Our speakers cover topics including advances in tinnitus research,  relaxation therapies and other alternative therapies  that may help members  manage their condition. Once a year we also hold a self-help session:

Members also receive a newsletter prior to meetings, giving details of date, time and topic plus tinnitus-related news, including  research results etc. Those who attend also get a copy of Quiet, the excellent BTA magazine.


The group holds a selection of books and literature on tinnitus which members are welcome to borrow.   A number of leaflets and booklets are also available, either free or may be purchased for a small sum. Copies of the current BTA fact sheets are also available.

Sound  generators and a selection of relaxation CDs are also available on short-term loan.

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